I was quite ecstatic when a good friend of mine invited me over to her house to cook for her son’s 1st year birthday. I jumped at  the offer and decided to prepare a unique dish that will suit the loving summer weather.

Beef Berbeaceau…….. 

When I remember the aroma and colourful sight of a mouthwatering beefy-sticky dish, I do think of  tantalising homemade  BBQ,  with smoking coals, flammable and hot grill whereby an individual or many people stand around a flammable haze happily  fanning the grill with a hand fan or thick paper. Basically, the grill consists of wire grates placed over the coals which hold the skewers of properly seasoned barbeque.

bbq skewer....

In the time past, I thought that BBQ’s meat was a special type of meat but I was wrong…… The truth is that beef barbeque is nothing more than grilled pieces of boneless beef or skinless chicken knitted through a wooden skewer.

bbq onions

However, before knitting the meats through the skewer, the meat ought to be seasoned and marinated for few hours so as to give it that tasty and juicy aroma. Moreover, thickly cut onions and bell pepper are knitted together with the meats.


I prefer to coat the meat with peanut butter as this helps the meat to remain fresh and juicy internally, even though the outside is crispy charred. Kudos to my mummy, who thought me this little trick.

So I present to you my own version of beef barbeque and I hope you will find it interesting.
Feel free to submit your recipes on how to make BBQ here.


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  • This is perfect for this holiday season!

    • You are damn right Jess. Don’t hesitate to try out the recipe and I bet you’ll enjoy it.

      Stay well.

  • Thanks for sharing your recipe. Will try this recipe for this coming holiday feast because some of our family members don’t like to eat pork.

    • You are welcome Arianna S. and I bet your family will say a ‘special thanks’ to you when you present them with this palatable beef dish.


  • Those look like kebab sticks to me.. Great BBQ food that you featured this week.

    • You are right Dominique, those are kebabs sticks.

      Many thanks for your comment and thanks for visiting my blog.

  • I never thought of skewering beef and grilling it, usually it’s just pork and chicken. This would be a good alternative. I wonder what part of the beef should be used.

    • Ceemee you can skew and grill beef. The recipe is super easy and comes out super tasty.

      You can use any part of the beef but preferably the boneless parts.

      Thanks and glad to see you here.

  • Ida

    Peanut sauce is the secret then to a flavorful barbecue ! With the ingredients divulged, we won’t be needing to purchase this next time. Thank you for sharing your mom’s recipe 🙂

    • Ida, that was just an amazing compliment from you to my mum. I will pass on your lovely comment to her and she will be glad to hear that.

      Honestly, the peanut sauce gives this dish such a unique and appetising taste that you can’t just overlook.

      With this recipe, you can easily make this on your own.

      Best regards.

  • I always get hungry every time I visit your site sis. This looks very yummy! 🙂

    • You are making me blush Nilyn, Glad to hear this but I urge you not to get too hungry as you can easily

      prepare your own version of any of our recipes.

      Best regards.

  • This post makes me so hungry! I love barbecue’s in general. I’m going to give your recipe a try soon. Thanks for sharing:)

    • You are much welcome Melgie.

      Please go ahead and give this recipe a try.


  • Thanks for the recipe and the tips! My family loves home-cooked meals and we also have our own barbecue recipe but we’ve never tried adding vegetables in between the meat. Will definitely try that and the tip about the peanut butter, too.

    • Oh, glad to hear from you Buge and good to also know that your family loves home-cooked meals.

      Well try out this recipe and I bet they will all enjoy it.

  • Perfect substitute for the usual pork BBQ!

    • You are absolutely right Maria.

      Please try it and I bet you’ll enjoy it.

  • Perfect for tonight’s noche buena!

    • Absolutely Janz…..

      Do enjoy and have a blissful celebration.

  • I’m a crazy (pork) meat lover. But lately I’m trying to cut down on the pork because of health concerns. I didn’t know you can switch out pork to beef. I’m definitely sharing this recipe back home.

    • Heyladyspring, glad to hear from you and is good to know that you appreciate this recipe.

      Please do share this recipe and I can assure you that your family will love it.

  • This is what Mommy suggest me to do – adding peanut butter to the marinade.

  • The beef barbecue looks so delicious! I must agree that marinating the beef for longer periods would make it tastier. I would love to try your barbecue recipe! I’m sure my family would love them too!

    • Thanks Rozelle, yes marinating the beef for longer time makes it tasteful. Please do try the recipe and I am sure your family will enjoy it just as mine does each time I make it.