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I can't recall if I've clarified this before, but if not, let us set the record straight! I absolutely love apples. All kinds of apples, it doesn't matter. In as much as it is a sweet ripen apple, just bring it on, and you will instantly hook me on that. I have never come across a quality apple fruit I didn't like. And as such, I've been interested and always look forward to juicing my own. Of course, making any apple juice takes less time, but this depends on the quantities being processed through. So, I'm sticking to a fresh apple juice from a careful selection of fresh sweet apples, which are quick and easy to make, and are ready to be gulped right away. However, if you are juicing for a large set of people, then you simply just increase the quantities of apple and the processing time. Now you gaatttt it - - - -
Homemade apple juice is about as easy as it gets. There isn't any need for any fancy ingredients or multiple kitchen tools, and it can be ready to feast on within a few minutes. All you require to start off is some beautiful selection of apple fruits. An electric juicing machine or a manual juicer of some kind is the only other tool that you really do need for this recipe. Once you have all these ready, all it takes is a wee bit of patience, a wee bit of time and you'll have a jug of fresh, homemade apple juice, ready for anything you can think of!
Yes, Apple is one of my favourite fruits. It is simply nutritious, colourful and refreshing too. As a result of this, I always look forward to making a batch of apple juice to preserve in the fridge and use for the days ahead. Nothing beats more than a homemade juice. The ability to be aware of the actual contents that are going into your body is simply remarkable. With this freshly made apple juice, I can wind down the day by sipping over a glass of my homemade apple juice. With just 8 apples, I made two gorgeous glasses of apple juice anxiously waiting for me. It wouldn't get much better than that.
If you are searching for a refreshing, hearty and light juice this lockdown or whenever, then this is the juice for you. This apple juice is the ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor activities, parties, events etc. The juice wasn't difficult to make at all and it has a nice twist of mint flavour in it. I enjoyed the four kinds of apples used for this recipe simply because of the unique taste and flavour each of the beautiful apples added to the juice. The best part is that this apple juice can be prepared the night before, chilled in the fridge overnight and used the next day or whenever needed. It cannot get much better than that! Summarily, a fresh, nutritious and satisfying drink for you, your household and your friends.


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