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A quick post for this weekend! You probably might not have observed my likeness for fruit juice. Well, any type of fruit juice, usually fresh-fruits based = nutritious, sweet, fulfilling and on the healthy side. And here we have another fresh-fruit juice = the blackberry juice. So if you are searching for how to make your own blackberry juice, then you are on the right page. But even if you are probably searching for another fruit juice recipe, well, you can pick up some ideas from this post that will help you to make your own juice from the comfort of your kitchen. Another good news is that there are tons of juice recipes on this blog, so feel free to search on here.
These blackberries are soft, ripe with tart taste. Yes, they have a tart taste, which I don't really mind. I understand that some peeps don't like tart-tasting fruits, so if you fall in this category then be sure to get yourself some sweeteners, sugar, honey, maple syrup etc. The juice is slightly thick, so adding more liquid will lighten the consistency. Although the title of this recipe is "blackberry juice", I really found it to be more of a "concentrated blackberry juice". In other words, a glass of this juice can yield either 1 or 2 jugs of blackberry juice for you depending on the texture or consistency of your choice. But in the end, it is up for you to decide whether to drink this blackberry juice as it is, or to mix it with extra liquid. It doesn't really matter how you take it. Just do what suits your tastebud!
If this blackberry juice sounds like an ideal juice plan, feel free to bookmark this pretty simple juice recipe so that you can try it whenever you want. All you need is a careful selection of fresh blackberries. This recipe looks very simple, and of course, it was so easy and quick. But don’t be fooled by the short ingredient list. You probably might need a few top-up ingredients to meet your satisfaction. It only took about 4 minutes to make this juice and this includes the time it took to wash the blackberries and set up the juicing machine. But the addition of extra liquid or sweetener to finish it all off can extend the production time.


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