Watch the video recipe of the Mixed fruit juice!


I am a huge fruit lover! I love fruits and I try to integrate them into my daily diets as much as possible. Well, sometimes I find it a wee bit boring to eat fruits so I thought of an easy way of combating this challenge. Considering the fact that the adoption of the 5-A-DAY plan has been highly recommended by the World Health Organisation, I thought it wise to devise a means of making my 5-A-DAY achievable. Hence I routed to juicing my fruits just to be on track. What other better ways of eating a minimum of 5 kinds of fruits in a day for weeks, months, years eternity, than through juice? I highly consider juicing to be the easiest means of actualizing this purpose. And I can throw in as many as available fruits as possible into a juicer just to yield a "mixed fruit juice". Who cares what the mixed fruit juice tastes like. Of course, the mixed fruit juice will taste really nice and sweet, in as much as you rightly selected quality and ripen fruits.
No matter the kinds of ripen fruits or the quantities, throw them into a juicer and I have no doubts that the outcome will be amazing really. This singular fact suggests why I make my own juice every couple of days, and then refrigerate then and use them when needed. Although there are a few days that go by without me drinking my homemade juice. I have made several juice recipes over the years and this is one of my favourites. It's a mixed fruit juice recipe, but a sweet one, with a very distinctive taste! Yes, it is loaded with assorted fruits, organic fruits btw, so a WIN-WIN. I absolutely love the combination of diverse fruits, because each of them adds so much unique flavour, and basically help this mixed fruit juice to stand out from the crowd. When next I make this juice, I wouldn't skip any of the fruits as that would utterly change the flavour of the juice.
I've been serving this pineapple, kiwi, carrot, mandarine, blueberry and lemon juice over pretty much everything and any meal. The whole fruits came together quite easily, and it was fun to peel, wash and pop them into the juicer. Juicing the fruits turned out to be a lot of fun and it wasn't that much work. Peeling all the fruits took a wee bit of my time though, but it really wasn't that bad. The fruits came together easily in just a few minutes to yield a refreshing jug of colourful fruit juice. The finished project came out really well, and I do think it was perfect. This is definitely a juice recipe you can try out with others. You can distribute the task of making this juice amongst your family members, kids or friends. So while someone is peeling the fruits, another person can be washing up the fruits while the next person can be throwing the fruits into the juicing machine. Makes life so easy! Although this recommendation is optional. So if you are the only one available to make the juice, go ahead and keep yourself busy with this recipe. I hope you enjoy the juice and please remember to stay safe!


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