Tagliatelle Pasta

Tagliatelle Pasta

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to acknowledge one of Italian's best pasta recipe #Tagliatelle#.
Before I proceed with the recipe, I am quite sure that most people will be so curious on knowing where to get the ingredients. But relax, as you can easily get them from Marks & Spencer.
Get your tagliatelle, direct from the supermarket with loads of fresh tomatoes, onions, oil and assorted vegetables of choice, then enjoy the delicious meal straight from your kitchen.
Tagliatelle is a traditional form of pasta from Italy. This form of pasta has a characteristics long and flat ribbons appearance which is similar in shape with fettuccine. Tagliatelle pasta can be prepared in various forms ranging from plain white, with sauces or with vegetables.
I love Italian dishes especially their pasta hence my interest in choosing tagliatelle as my recipe for this saturday. This dish is absolutely tasty and delicious judging from the colourful appearance.
I prefer to parboil my pasta to get rid of the starchy water because excess carbohydrate is not suitable for a healthy living.
starchy tagi
I prefer seasoning the meat with onions, pepper, thyme, curry etc before simmering for few minutes as this brings out the taste and juicy aroma of the meat.
Afterwards I chop the onions and tomatoes with a mini chopper before sautéing and frying the tomato sauce.
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Then I heat up oil in a saucepan before stirring in onions and tomatoes.
I allow the tomatoes to fry for at least 5mins before pouring the meat broth to boil.
Afterwards I pour the mixture in the pasta to cook until the broth is dried up.
However ensure not to overcook the pasta.
At this stage, you can leave to pasta to simmer for few minutes until the meat broth is dried up.
Serve this dish garnished with pitted olives, fried meat and possibly with wine to make a perfect lunch.
I hope you enjoy this recipe and don't forget to order your ingredients from Marks & Spencer and they can conveniently deliver to your doorstep.
Have a great weekend!!!


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