Since today is Friday, everyone is gearing up on high notes to enter the weekend. Who doesn't like weekends? I suppose nobody. In my own little way of ushering us into a blissful weekend ahead, I am delighted to share some beautiful pictures of our natural environment with you. I love nature! Yes, I do, because it gives me that innermost peace of mind. Well, I have no doubt that you too could be part of this trend. I put it to you that your connection with nature is more helpful than any manmade or artificial connection. A faithful lover of nature does not only appreciate what nature offers but also becomes part of it. Well, I understand that everybody does not have a spontaneous connection to nature but count yourself lucky if you do. Nature is life and life without nature is worthless! So why are you still reluctant? This is a clarion call for you to reconnect back to nature so as to maintain a meaningful sense of being. You and I are the caretakers of this world and these nature's gifts have been entrusted to us. It is our responsibilities to build closer relationships with these gifts so as to gain all the benefits they can offer. Even if you find it difficult to visit natural resorts and habitats etc, technological advancement has made life so easier for us that we can easily assess whatever information we want to assess from the comfort zones of our homes. Can I also share with you that each time I find it difficult to fall asleep after a long busy day, the simplest thing I do to calm my nerves down is to listen to the rhythm of raindrops on leaves or watch pictures of natural habitats.  The calmness and serenity I derive from these natural scenes are just so remarkable and phenomenal. Since this particular tip has been working for me, it could work for you as well. This is the reason I am sharing some collections of the beautiful nature's pictures I admire most to you. I am of the notion that we need time to connect back to nature as life without nature is completely meaningless. While you are busy gearing up for the weekend, don't forget to keep yourself happy, relaxed, motivated and above all, eat nutritious and healthy food. I hope you enjoy this post and nature's pictures. Wishing you a blissful weekend ahead! Images are from pixabay. Here are some interesting recipes you can try out over the weekend.

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