Ecuador is a democratic republic in northwestern South America with Colombian border on the north, Peru on the east and south, and the Pacific Ocean to the west. Their official language is Spanish spoken by almost 94% of the entire population. Ecuadorian food offers a mix of different cuisines and dishes such as meat, rice, plantain, eggs, potatoes, fish and seafood etc.

For such people longing to try out some Ecuadorian dishes, the good news is that you obviously don’t need to visit Ecuador to enjoy the aromatic sensations oozing out from their dishes. This post will show few simple Ecuadorian recipes that you can try out on your own and more are yet to be published as well on this blog.
These simple Ecuadorian recipes are super delicious, healthy and easy-to-make. They can be easily cooked in your kitchen from anywhere around the globe. Why not visit your kitchen and try out these few Ecuadorian meals for the comfort of your family and friends? You will be amazed at how happy and glad they will be trying out this recipe.

This post will feature two different recipes;

1) Rolled Fried Plantain With Vegetables

This recipe involves, slicing up some ripe plantains as shown in the picture below, salting and then deep frying them.

Afterwards, some boiled eggs with sliced vegetables are stir fried together and served with the plantain.

simple_ecuadorian_recipes.2) This second Ecuadorian recipe involves preparing a vegetable omelette.


This is followed by baking some potato chips drizzled with vegetable oil, in an oven under 100-150oC.

simple_ecuadorian_recipes(2)Afterwards, both the baked chips and omelet are served together.



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