Last week, I was convinced by a fellow food blogger friend of mine @healthyrecipe to try out the fried version of pearl barley and I gladly jumped at the offer. Honestly, this kind of food challenge always gets me excited as opposed to me coming up with my routine recipes.
The moment I was convinced to try out this spectacular barley recipe, my mind went into full active mode trying to come up with a unique option that will perfectly suit the dish. Each time I want to try a new recipe the first thought that always comes to mind is, do I have all it takes to get the dish fixed? Secondly, what if all the required ingredients are not available, when will I have the free time to visit the supermarket or the grocery shop to purchase them? Thirdly, should I introduce a unique recipe or stick to the usual way of preparation?
All I can tell you is that food bloggers are predestined to process countless information within a split second otherwise things will go wrong when you least expect. The moment I was challenged to prepare this dish, I knew immediately that this will really take much of my time considering the fact that I don't have any of the ingredients available. So I made a list of all the necessary ingredients I will need, headed off to the supermarket and grabbed as many ingredients as I could.
Before you read further, here is a quick video on how to prepare fried pearl barley!!!

My mind was occupied with fried rice ingredients since that was the prerequisite for this dish. But on a more serious note, I must confide in you that I haven't tried this recipe before but since my friend convinced me to follow a similar fried rice recipe, I never hesitated to give the recipe a shot. I must also attest that I am glad I did because the dish came out amazingly awesome - tasty, flavourful and packed with highly nutritious ingredients!
One good thing I admire about this recipe is its ability to comfortably suit my vegan/vegetarian friends. However, the only thing that needs to be done differently is to cook without chicken or meat. I am confident that if you prepare it without chicken or any meat that the dish will still turn out so savoury in the end.
Since I never knew how this fried pearl barley was going to turn out, I considered it a wise idea to adopt a fried rice recipe I really know about and see what the outcome will be. The twist of spices made the dish so flavourful but you are free to use whichever spices that suit your taste-bud.
Let me also highlight that prior to preparing this fried barley, I considered complementing the dish with a fresh vegetable salad. So without much hesitation, I decided to stick to a mixed vegetable salad I had prepared earlier in the day. This vegetable salad is a combination of fresh tomatoes, cucumber, white onions, purple cabbage, lettuce, sweet green peppers and sprinkled with lemon juice.
Honestly, I recommend preparing this salad ahead of time so it can sit for a couple of hours to allow the flavours blend. Easy to prepare, ideal to prepare ahead and highly nutritious. But most importantly, do not skip or economize on the lemon as it is essential to yield a fresh tasty salad. Actually, the salad would be a bit flat without the lemon. A flavourful and yummilicious fried barley along with some fresh vegetable salad is an ideal meal to prepare not just for yourself but for your family, friends and even colleagues.
Honestly, this fried barley turned out so well into a full meal that I am even longing to make over and over again. Feel free to give the recipe a try and I bet you'll enjoy every bit of the dish. Enjoy!
Lots of Love from Blessing


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