A Quick Video on How to Fry Sardines!!!

Some days all I desire for lunch is a simple but yet delicious and drooling fried fish :D Today, I felt that sardines will make a perfect lunch for me and right away, I decided to go for 'em.

A good choice, I must confess!

Frying sardines is pretty easy and the outcome is something you wouldn't want to miss any time any day ~ ~ ~ Super appetizing and so satisfying.

Dipping the frying spoon into the frying oil and scooping the sardines into the kitchen roll couldn't have been any more interesting than it turned out to be. But the most interesting part was when the sardines were frying and oozing out loads of mouthwatering aroma and flavours that were undeniably amazing. Well, I was just busy swallowing those awesome smells of some perfectly fried sardines. 


For this recipe, you coat the sardines with flour, egg and breadcrumbs, so you don't even need to bother yourself about side-snacks because they come hand-in-hand with the fried sardines.

They are just built in and that's it. The only additional thing you need is a sauce for dipping the sardines but this is totally optional ~ and you have for yourself a complete meal.

Simple, flavourful, and delicious! So if you are searching for a simple, flavourful and yet delicious dish, then I've gat the recipe right here for you.

fried sardines

Just a little bit of preparatory work involved in this recipe but don't worry because it is nothing time consuming or tedious at all. Cutting off the sardines heads, washing and dipping them into the flour, egg and breadcrumbs and that is just about it.

Interestingly, the sardines only take a few ingredients and few minutes in hot oil and you have some really appetizing dish that everyone around you will definitely enjoy.

My recommendations!
Even though sardines can be eaten whole but I always prefer to lop off the heads before frying.
Peradventure you are scared off by fishy smell, then add enough pepper and more spices. The pepper and spices will ward off the fishy smell.


The awesome taste of sardines is a blessing to this dish, combining brilliantly with all other ingredients for some awesome results. I must attest that these paleo pan fried sardines are just phenomenal with some really impressive looks.

Honestly, this dish is a perfect combination of wonderful ingredients; breadcrumbs, flour, egg, salt, mixed spices and hot peppery sauce!

I think sardine is my favourite fish cos it tastes superb! I also love it with main meals such as fried rice, jollof rice but in that case, I won't coat it with breadcrumbs.
So these sardines can make a perfect accompaniment to any main meal. I urge you to give this recipe a try and no doubt you will love every bit of the dish.
One Love ? Blessing
pan fried sardines


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