Fumbwa soup || How to cook the Congolese Fumbwa Soup

Fumbwa soup || How to cook the Congolese Fumbwa Soup

Where are my Congolese friends? Please come closer as Blessing has a special recipe for you!
So, one of my fans reached out to me to try the Fumbwa soup recipe and I gladly obliged. Afterall, that's why I'm here - simply to simplify food recipes!

Meanwhile, watch this video recipe of Fumbwa Soup!


Fubwa is a Congolese soup cooked primarily with fumbwa leaves, peanut butter and other soup ingredients. Peradventure this is your first time hearing about the word fumbwa, it is a Congolese term for spinach. Fumbwa is botanically known as Gnetum africanum. This greenish climbing plant is prevalent in the tropical regions especially Nigeria, Congo, Gabon, Angola, Asia and South America. The two main species found in Africa are Gnetum buchholzianum and Gnetum Africanum. While the Western world refer to okazi leaf as wild spinach or wild vegetable, different African countries have different names for okazi leaf fr example, Congo call it fumbua, KoKo; Nigerians call it afang, okazi, ukazi; Cameroonians call it okok, m’fumbua, or fumbua, eru. Fumbwa is used for cooking fumbwa leaf soup or stew, which is a creamy soup cooked and thickened with peanut butter.
Honestly, this is the first time I'm trying this soup and I am pleased that I didn't disappoint at all because the soup came out so well that I vowed to include this recipe in my repertoire of recipes to make quite often. Prior to cooking this soup, I was somewhat skeptical of what the taste of the soup will be like as well as the outcome. But trust me, my curiosity came to a halt the very moment this soup was ready. The soup was so delicious, flavourful and super tasty. Thank goodness to the peanut buttery taste that enveloped the fumbwa soup thereby releasing such a distinctive taste. Trust me, if you try this soup once, you would be tempted to try it a gazillion times.
I love and enjoyed this fumbwa soup. It definitely tasted like what my tastebud is already accustomed to. The entire ingredients paired up so well to yield yet another pleasant and delightful soup that everyone can feast on. The ingredients were perfectly balanced and the outcome was so delicious. While I served this fumbwa soup with boiled plantain which was great, the soup can also be served with any swallow of your choice such as fufu, eba, poundo etc.
Homemade fumbwa soup does not have to be overwhelming nor difficult to prepare. When cooking a simple soup such as this, I strongly recommend that you search for the best ingredients you can lay your hands on. I recommend that you boil the meat and fish then let the broth be part of the soup. Please don't even bother to use a cheap broth from the grocery store to make this soup because you will be disappointed. Homemade meals are always the best! Give this recipe a shot and you will be glad you did.


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