Caribbean Coconut Rice Recipe

Caribbean Coconut Rice Recipe

Caribbean_coconut_rice_recipeIt is most likely that I will be spending this forthcoming summer in the Caribbean Smiley.  The fact that I have many Caribbean friends is prompting me to spend my summer holidays in the Caribbean Island.
I have heard loads of interesting things about this beautiful Island ranging from the beautiful scenery, assorted healthy dishes and sunny weather. Absolutely!!! sounds like a very nice place worth spending my time.
Despite the fact that I am still making my plans for this trip, I believe its high time I started sharing some of the Caribbean's exotic cuisines to my numerous fans and this Caribbean coconut rice recipe is no exception.
If you enjoy the distinguished and exquisite flavors of the Caribbean cuisines, then this Caribbean coconut rice recipe is a perfect one for you!
I have been cooking coconut rice since I was a teenager courtesy of my mum's tutorial and I can assure you that my mum's recipe is just spot on. However, this time around I decided to tweak her recipe and adopt the Caribbean style courtesy of my Caribbean friend.
One thing I admire about this dish is the aromatic flavor rendered to the rice by the coconut milk. Who says flavored meals are not suiting to the taste bud {Winks, Winks,, Winks}.
The coconut taste is just on point that you will be tempted to go for a second round.
This dish is particularly good with any fresh coconut water and coconut milk, combined with the necessary ingredients; curry, spices, meat, stock cubes and there you are....you've gat for yourself a palatable dish to relax over at lunch.


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