African breadfruit (Treculia africana) Porridge

African breadfruit (Treculia africana) Porridge

The African breadfruit, botanically known as Treculia africana is an edible food belonging to a tree species of the Treculia genus. As the name implies, the tree is of the African origin and a very popular food especially in the Eastern region of Nigeria. The fruits are fibrous and hard in nature, which are usually broken into smaller pieces with tools to extract the seeds from the fruit. Some people do allow the African breadfruit to decay before extracting the seeds from the fibrous fruits. The African breadfruit is called ukwa by the Ibo tribe of Nigeria and the fruit is filled with high nutritional value and are usually eaten as a main dish.
ukwa_breadfruit African breadfruit (ukwa) is a healthy food with a natural appetizing flavor. The food can be cooked in different forms; either as a porridge, fried or plain without adding any cooking ingredients. Whichever method of preparation usually comes out delicious and appetizing. Freshly peeled African breadfruit (ukwa) or dried ones can be used for preparing this dish however I used the dried ukwa for this recipe. Because I used dry ukwa, I soaked it overnight in plenty of cold water to get it softened and I also used potash while cooking the ukwa to get it softened and easily cooked.
It is noteworthy that you do not need to soak the ukwa overnight if using freshly peeled ukwa. Also remember to get rid of stones and tiny particles that settle at the bottom of the bowl used for washing the ukwa. I use ogili ugba for cooking ukwa to give some aromatic taste to the dish, but this is totally optional.


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