If I may ask, is there anything not to enjoy about a colourful, flavourful, crunchy and chewy fruit mix crumble, baked to golden brown perfection? Probably non....

I love baking and you can surely get me on any pastry despite that I try as much as possible to cut down on my pastries intake. But that aside!  I am gradually turning into baking most of my snacks and I can bet it wasn't a wrong decision for me at all....

fruit mix crumble. (6)

Not only is it cheaper, but it gives me the opportunity to experiment with certain ingredients in order to come up with some sort of unique snacks. Yes I think it is better for me since I can also customize it to fit my own tastes and appetite. I suppose this should also be the case for you because you can get to call the shots so easily on how you want your snacks to turn out ---- whether sweetened, sugar-free, sugarless or even tasteless {winks}

fruit mix crumble. (4)

Besides, it can also be healthier depending on what ingredients you are using. Well, for this fruit mix crumble, it came out exactly the way I wanted it and according to my taste.

fruit mix crumble. (5)

This fruit mix crumble is very easy to make and my favourite way of eating it is with some mix fruits topped over it. I have this crumble sitting right in my fridge now to be used for breakfast for the few days. It is just a perfect on-the-go breakfast and it can also be made in large quantities and saved in the freezer for a quick re-heat anytime you are ready to use it.

fruit mix crumble.

Although I know that there are gazillions of fruit mix crumble recipes out there but this particular recipe is the one I have been using for ages now (that's how my mum taught me) and the outcome is actually so delicious. Hopefully I will try some different fruit mix crumble recipes soonish, but for now, I am comfortable with this, and I have no doubts you too might find it interesting.

fruit mix crumble.Just give it a try!


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