A Quick Video on How to Make Carrot Smoothie!


If you are a vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free or a healthy food fan, then here's an ideal recipe for you. But come to think of it, is there anyone that is not a fan of healthy food? I don't think so and I have no doubt you will concur with me as well so join me as we go through the easiest way of making carrot smoothie.

I've heard some people mentioned that they dislike carrot.

Well, all I can say is that I am a big fan of carrot and peradventure you don't like this nutritious fruit, then we have a problem here cos you are seriously missing out.

This carrot smoothie is just a perfect combination of some orange-coloured, crisp-textured carrots, honey and H2O. The honey sweetness and flavour truly penetrates through this smoothie for an overwhelming and yummilicious taste.

carrot smoothie

This carrot smoothie recipe is pretty simple and the combination of these three key ingredients (carrots, honey and water) is just spot on. But you can even customize this smoothie to your satisfaction and throw in whatever sweetener or sort of liquid you desire. For my sugar-free fans, I suggest you eliminate all sweeteners including honey but just play around with what works well for you and no doubt you will love every bit of this beverage.

For this carrot smoothie recipe, just throw all the ingredients into a blender then blend until smooth ~ ~ ~ and there you go! Just pour the smoothie into some clean glasses and you have some nourishing and refreshing smoothies for your delight. 

The main things I enjoy about this recipe are; it is less time-consuming, its flexibility and the nutritive values of the components. Interestingly, this recipe is very versatile and you can do whatever you want to do.

carrot smoothie

This smoothie came out a little bit thick but that's how I want it to be however, you can add more liquid if you want yours to be a lot more lighter. Honestly, it works perfectly well either way but the only difference is that you might want to add a little more sweetener in case you want yours to be on the sweet sweetyy sweetest side ?

Just feel free and wow your imagination for an awesome outcome!

Washing, peeling and cutting up the carrots is the first start to getting this smoothie ready in a jiffy. Simply put, this carrot smoothie is a combination of carrots, honey and water in a different form.

carrot smoothie
One Love ? Blessing


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