CAUTION: Highly Medicinal Recipe!!!
Have you ever eaten meals that were cooked with lemons and limes as part of the ingredients? If not, let me warn you now, the taste of this soup is not a pretty one.
You are forewarned! You may not like this soup if your tastebud is already accustomed to sugary or sweety meals. But just so you know that the reason for this recipe is to share how one can tackle flu and cold using lemons and limes! In a nutshell, If You DISTASTE lemon & lime, please don't try this recipe. Alternatively, you can cook the soup without the two fruits.
However, if you are searching for a new recipe to tackle cold and flu as well as soothe your body, then hang in there because this is the perfect recipe for you. Hot goat soup cooked with beef tripe but most importantly with some fresh lemons and limes fruits (Mmmm). Interestingly, if you are already addicted to medicinal and not-so-sweet kind of aromatic meals, then this is the perfect soup you may not want to stop eating especially now that the COVID-19 outbreak is terrorizing the whole world! Don't say I didn't warn you though!

Watch this short video on how to cook the cold & flu goat soup!


Tellingly, this goat soup is incredibly medicinal, nutritious, rich, flavourful and fulfilling for its purpose, which by the way is fine with me. Like I previously highlighted, if you have a sweet tastebud like my hubby, cooking this soup without lemons and limes might be all you have to do really. The outcome will still be fantastic though but not as powerful as the original recipe. It may sound weird, but with the cold and flu virus afflictions in full swing, people encouraged to stay at home, and a kitchen stocked with the right ingredients, one is obliged to seek for an affordable medicinal means of tackling the virus. I had a discussion with one of my aunties over the weekend, as she wanted me to give her my homemade remedy for tackling flu and cold. In the course of our discussion, I got inspired by my mum's all-time favourite recipe for fighting cold and flu. Growing up, we had a couple of lime and lemon trees in our neighbourhood. So my mother would normally boil these two types of fruits with some bitter herbs and give us to sip. I can vouch that this remedy worked for us at the time so we never had the need to buy medicines from the pharmacies for treating cold. But I had to tweak my mum's original recipe to make this home remedy a lot more enticing and soothing.
Luckily I had some goat meat just delivered to me and I thought it right to use some of them to cook up a hot dish that can tackle cold. I brought out some lemons and limes from the fridge, brought out the rest of the ingredients and then my favourite cooker - instant pot. Just in a jiffy, my hot pot of medicinal soup was ready. I purposely cooked this soup with the instant pot because I needed the pressure cooker to cook the meat tender and quicker. But that doesn't suggest that you cannot cook yours without the instant pot.. Not at all.....
Don't forget that the key ingredients for this recipe are the mixed spices (negro pepper, piper guineense), lemons and limes. Peradventure you can't get hold of the mixed spices, then use just lemons and limes. Besides, you can cook this medicinal soup with or without meat, or better still with fish. Well, just experiment the recipe and use whatever ingredients that you prefer but most importantly, add lemon and limes since these two fruits are almost all over the world. It's just amazing how this simple soup can go a long way in chasing that flu and cold away from you. Although the recipe worked for me, I can't vouch 100% that it will work for you since everyone's body system is unique. By the way, you can go ahead and give the recipe a try to see if this cold and flu home remedy can work for you. But don't forget to share your experience with us in the comment section once you've given this recipe a shot.
This light and medicinal hot goat soup was an easy way to flush out those nasty flu viruses out of my system, as well as feel satisfied with what I'm popping into my body. The recipe is pretty simple as you don't need to follow any protocols, just throw everything into the pot and let the instant pot do the rest of the work for you. And there you go ---- a perfect soothing soup for you, your family and friends. Homemade goat meat soup for tackling your flu or cold doesn't have to be tedious or intimidating. When cooking a simple soup such as this, I recommend you use the best ingredients you can afford or find. But please don't forget to throw in some slices of lemons and limes in the pot as well. I assure you that you won't be disappointed.
So why add lemons and limes in the soup?
It might interest you to know that lemon and lime contain a high amount of vitamin C, which increases the tendency of your body system to resist cold and flu. This soup looks watery! Yes, that's the game! The sole aim of cooking this type of soup is so that you can sip or drink as much as that watery liquid as you can. It is believed that all the medicinal constituents that will tackle the flu and cold are therein. So sip the soup as you like. Feel free to tweak the recipe - you can use either chicken, fish, lamb, mutton, beef etc in place of goat. You can equally make it spicier if you like. Just play around with what you've gat. The world is your oyster!
N:B - The Instant pot cook time does not include the heat up or release times.


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