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This book offers a groundbreaking companion guide to the Fast Diet.

You will never have to worry about planning your Fast Days again.

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The Fast Diet Recipe Book is a groundbreaking companion guide to the Fast Diet.


Fast cook recipe book, 29 Jun 2014
Excellent recipes and I use it all the time to inspire me on the 5:2 diet. I adapt the recipes on non diet days too. A very good purchase.
A brilliant book, 19 Jun 2014
This is designed as an accompaniment to the “The Fast Diet” and delivers just what it says on the tin. Fuss free, calorie counted meals with bags of flavour and some interesting and inusual combinations I particularly like the pork with fennel which manages to be far more satisfying than the ingredients would suggest. I do, however, find that some of the calorie counting is a little out – for instance 100gof the smoked salmon I use would, according to the packet, be quite a lot more than the recipe specifies. But all in all this is a very useful book. For anyone looking for more inspiration, I also heartily recommmend the Itsu cook book – lots of easily prepared and delicious low calorie meals.
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