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JASMINE [embed]https://gfb.global.ssl.fastly.net/podcasts/HFB_6_Health_Benefits_of_Jasmine.mp3[/embed] Plants continue to play an integral role in both orthodox and traditional medicines for preventing and treating various diseases and ailments. Although not all plants fall into this category, yet a great number of plants have been recorded as excellent bioresources for medicinal purposes. Th

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HFB 6: Jasmine and It's Benefits

Jasmine is botanically known as Jasminum officinale or jæsmᵻnəm and belongs to the olive family of Oleaceae. This shrub comprises of approximately two hundred species that are originally from Oceania, Eurasia and Australasia.Jasmine is mostly planted for the distinctive fragrance of its flowers. Different countries have different names for jasmine for example; Marathi calls it kunda, Hindi calls i

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