How often do you eat fruit and vegetables? On a scale of 1 to 10, rate yourself.If your score is 10/10, then I wholeheartedly render a very big kudos to you.If your score is between 5 to 9, then you have done so well.If you score beneath 5, then you definitely need to wake up from your slumber right away.Yes, this serves as a clarion call to us all!!!It is still not late for you to start acknowled

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Introduction Constipation is a medical condition of the digestive system which causes an individual to form solid stool that is very painful and hard to get rid of. In very severe cases, the faecal elimination can lead to severe bowel obstruction which is followed by bloatedness or feeling of fullness. Constipation affects people of all ages and people can suffer from it at any time of their lifet

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