Wow what a beautiful & colourful sight!

I'm not too sure about you, but at least to me it is! Why? Probably because this croutons in olive garden salad is very fresh, creamy, nutritious, delectable and makes up a perfect vegetable salad you can ever think of. Pairing up the vegetables with some olive gardens croutons was just a fantastic combination to me cos croutons is one of my favorite snacks; very crunchy, tasty and delicious.

Maybe you might think that the addition of creamy salad dressing does not necessarily make this salad a super healthy one, but there is absolutely nothing to worry as the consistency never gets too thick and the quantity is quite controlled. This croutons in olive garden salad is among the easiest recipes you can think of, as you are quite assured that the salad only takes few minutes to get fixed and ready to be embezzled... ;-)

croutons in olive garden salad (1)

Everything about preparing this salad worked out exactly the way I envisaged it however, I can admit that the only mistake I made was not buying more of fresh vegetables from the Farmer’s market when I visited it yesterday.

Well, maybe next time will get me ensuring that I get all the necessary ingredients all at the same time so I won't have no regrets when I am ready to use the vegetables for my recipes.

I love pairing assorted vegetables; be it root vegetables or leafy vegetables to come up with a distinctive salad recipes and I can assure you that this works perfectly well.

croutons in olive garden salad (2)
Sometimes, I just feel like playing around with the ingredients I have at hand to produce some sort of distinctive dishes with unique tastes that are totally different from my regulars. I know some people does this as well however, if you haven't joined our leagues of unique recipes creator, it takes you nothing to start asap....

It takes nothing out of you indeed but only your creativity skills and understanding... So go for it, who knows you might come up with some sort of unique recipes that will turn the world around for good :-)

croutons in olive garden salad (3)

I have always made this combination of fresh vegetables as a simple, healthy and quicker dinner. Moreover, I am happily encouraging you to give this recipe a shot and I bet you will ever enjoy it.


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