Vegan Assorted Vegetables Salad

Vegan Assorted Vegetables Salad

new vegan salad
Ingredients            Equipment
Lettuce                      Tefal Grater
Carrot                        Sieve
Red Cabbage
Red bell pepper
Hi friends,
I present to you the easiest but more nutritious recipe....... Vegan Assorted Vegetables Salad.
I decided to keep it so simple this afternoon because it has been such a very busy morning. But please don’t ask me WHY! This is the easiest recipe you can put up within seconds without any stress.
I have a great attestation to make about this vegan assorted vegetables salad, and it is the fact that non-greenish vegetables are preferably used for its  preparation. Popularly used green vegetables for this salad include lettuce, carrots, bell peppers, onions, spring onions and celery.
The crunchy nature of this salad especially when freshly prepared will cause your taste gland to remain actively alerted. Salad is a dish made up  of small particles  of raw or cooked food items combined  with a sauce and often served cold.
In my admiration, I never miss salad in my diet at least twice or thrice a week, as in seriously….... I would  be uncomfortable if I miss having my salad once, but  sadder if  twice in a week.
It tastes so good, maintains a crunchy  and fresh  nature but most  importantly,  sets within seconds. When you prepare it in the right way,  it goes down through the oesophagus so easily and calmly  just enough to help the Gastrointestinal  system or digestive system in the digestion and absorption of the right  nutrients into the body systems.
This is what I deem winning, in the sense that it starts  its process of  digestion right from the  mouth even while you are still chewing it. Afterwards, it is broken down and the partly  digested food travels down to the stomach through the esophagus where it is stored for few hours before being  transformed  into a liquid-like form known as  chyme. The enzymes in our stomach begins to breakdown  the proteins from the salad  into microscopic chunks  known as amino acids. Also other nutrients from the salad are broken down into simpler form in other parts of the digestive system.
Later, the stomach empties the  liquefied vegetable  salad  into the  small intestine through the pyloric valve where the nutrients from the salad are absorbed  for the maintenance of healthy body system. The undigested food particles such as fiber, water, and small intestine secretions are then  temporarily stored in the rectum before being expelled from the body through the anus.
Waoh, what a long ride through the digestive process…...
Most salads are usually served cold, however some can be  served warm. Salads are  served at any point during a meal  as a side dish, desserts, palate cleanser, main meal or appetizer.
Commonly used raw vegetables for  salad include lettuce, cucumbers, carrots,  peppers, banana, avocado, onions, tomatoes, spring onions, celery, cabbage, radishes, olives. Other items used for salad which requires boiling are mushrooms,  cauliflower, broccoli, shrimp, artichoke hearts, green beans, cooked eggs, cooked chicken, cooked meat, croutons, cheeses and  tuna.
new banana salad
Lest I forget, it is imperative to emphasize  that eating salad is highly recommended  for healthy body systems,  it also adds up to the much advocated 5-A-DAY program by the World Health Organisation.
Studies suggest that salad aids in fighting cancer,  good for building up of human cells and ideal for normal  weight maintenance. Salad is a good source of vitamin A, vitamin B6, vitamin B12, vitamin C, Iron, Magnesium, Calcium and potassium.
To keep the list short, vegan assorted vegetables salad does not require any specific salad  vegetables for usage , however it is optional to use any salad vegetables and ingredients  of choice.
I hope you enjoy eating salad much as I do! Cheers.


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