HFB 4:The Gluten free Guide With Kirsten

Welcome to this episode of health & food bloggers Podcast, today Blessing and Krystina are joined by Kirsten to discuss about glutenfree food and celiac disease.
Celiac disease also known as celiac sprue or gluten-sensitive enteropathy is an autoimmune and digestive disorder which leads to damage of the lining of the small intestine when gluten-containing food products  are consumed. This disease cannot be cured however can be manageable with a gluten-free diet.
Gluten on the other hand is a type of protein present in some grains which gives elasticity to dough thus enabling it rise to retain its shape and a chewy texture. This can be found in wheat, grains, barley, rye and can also be used in cosmetics and hair products.
The damage caused by gluten to the intestine makes it very difficult for the human body to absorb nutrients like calcium, fat, folate and iron.
Often times, individuals not suffering from Celiac disease are unaware of cross contamination which is the main reason why people still feel sick within the first months of adhering to a strictly gluten free diet.
Cross contamination can easily occur within a shared space and it requires strict vigilance to make sure it doesn't happen.
Stay tuned as we unravel some myths surrounding this topic.

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