Do You Cherish Your Life?

This is a question I have asked myself and people around me and we strongly agreed that we cherish our lives. The main reason for asking this question is my zeal for promoting healthy living. Over the years, many stories have been unfolded about some individuals who assume that life is not worth living, hence pay very minimal attention to their lifestyles.

This shouldn’t be the case………….

Moreover, I have had the opportunity of facilitating few people on the importance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and virtually all of them bought the philosophy.

The fact is that when people think about good health, it is highly imperative that their main eagerness for good health is evident and there is need for that passion to be expressed.

"An affection for a quality life is highly important as well as the understanding of the basic requirements of achieving it.  Moreover,  the desire for  treading down the exciting path of healthy living all add up to the recipe for a healthy living".


Busy Work Schedules

Many people are so busy with their work life that they hardly pay attention to the food they eat. Such people can work for a whole day without even realising that they haven’t had any food throughout the day. Their quest and desire to meet up with the high demanding work target and deadline, create room for putting their health at risk.

An adage I composed by myself states thus;

“Tell me what & How You Eat, and I could Possibly tell you your lifespan”.

The point  is that their is great need for everyone to feed properly every day except during religious fastings. Even on completion of such fastings, everyone is encouraged to eat a balanced and healthy diet so as to replenish the lost nutrients and vitamins during the fast.

A balanced diet necessitates actively eating the right amount and varieties of food for a healthy living.

It is noteworthy that those individuals who think they have no time for healthy eating will at some point in their lives find time for sickness.

Healthy Feeding

Healthy feeding is a very popular easy-to-make statement but yet a hard task to accomplish. Most individuals eat only one class of food for however duration they like, e.g someone would eat potato in the morning for breakfast, rice in the afternoon and pasta at night. From this feeding style, you can deduce that such individual is not maintaining a very healthy and balanced diet and is greatly denying the body system from obtaining the necessary ingredients needed for the maintenance of the body system for a healthy living.

For the benefits of doubt, am using this medium to reiterate that eating only one class of food over and over again is not good for human health and there is need to change such habit for good. Everyone is expected to imbibe on eating a balanced diet.

Our food is said to be balanced when it rightly contains the amount and variety of food content recommended for healthy living.

Healthy feeding incorporates eating a balanced diet and balanced diet incorporates eating the right amount of food and balance is the basis of getting our food intake right. A diet of starchy food like bread or pasta, needs plenty amount of milk, fish, chicken, fruit and vegetables for the right nutrients to be obtained.

Everyone is encouraged to eat varieties of food products but  the right proportion so as to maintain a healthy body weight. One thing is to eat the right amount of food, another is to drink the right amount of drinks; some drinks contain a very high amount of calories and most individuals have fallen prey to drinking carelessly and heavily thereby gaining excessive weight.

Eating or drinking the right amount literally means eating or drinking the right amount. There is a great emphasis on this statement because many people pay minimal attention to it and eat themselves into obesity.

The word “Right” means “Right” and should be implemented in our daily dealings for a healthy living.

“Don’t eat or drink more than your body needs, and don’t  eat less than your body needs”.

Remember, the more healthier you eat, the less unhealthier you become.

 Think Positively

Much as I encourage people to maintain a healthy eating lifestyle, I also encourage everyone to think positively. Positivity or Optimistism is the Watchword.

What you think about yourself is how you will end up being. Don’t waste your time thinking how bad you have done so far in life or how unfair life has treated you. Rather, always think of how well you have done so far and how fair life has treated you so far.

Regardless of the earthly pressures, everyone should strive to conquer these pressures by considering them as non- existing. Always remember that everyday is going to be a great day. Always be content with what you have and strive to be happy no matter how life presents itself.

My strategy of conquering a difficult moment is; “Relax, take a deep breath and have a reflection”. Reflect that if one stops breathing at anytime in life, all the worries, problems and difficulties will be gone.

So why let the earthly problems and worries detrimentally affect your life?

 It is noteworthy that problems don’t get better by worrying about them RATHER  positive thinking greatly enhances healthy living.

Storms don’t last forever, there is always a change! Remain Optimistic.

Life is GOOD & WORTH LIVING & Everyone should make good use of it.


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