I've made this aloo palak several times and never for once been disappointed about this dish. I find this aloo palak to be an all encompassing and highly nutritional dish ~ packed with nutritive and aromatic ingredients, aloo palak is such a Punjabi delicacy you can never resist anytime.

This delectable meal which was prepared with some potatoes, green spinach and loads of flavourful ingredients really intrigued me and because I love spinach, I knew this dish is just an awesome idea.

aloo palak-4

Moreover, I was motivated to share this recipe owing to the fact that it is super yummy, tasty, easy to make and above all super healthy.

Potatoes, spinach, garlic, onion, cumin seeds, red oil, coriander, ginger, salt and masala sauce, all paired together for such an amazing and mouthwatering outcome.

aloo palak-3

But I think that the only thing I might do differently for this dish in the future is using a mix of other fresh vegetables such as green amaranthus and kale.

They are such a good and healthy pair for this dish and they cook up pretty fast but other than adding more vegetables, I don't think I would want to change any other thing about this aloo palak.

aloo palak

The outcome is so colourful, mouthwatering, delicious and tempting and the green spinach is just an amazing idea for garnishing. 

If you are searching for an easy, simple and yet elegant meal that is yummy, aromatic and healthy, then this is the recipe for you. Trust me, this is a winning combination!

Ciao from Blessing 


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