Cooked rice comes in a wide range of tastes, ranging from plain white, spicy or mixed with other food ingredients. Arroz blanco Mexicano (Mexican white rice) is a top favourite on the lunch table for today and I can bet it is a perfect choice. You might want to ask what actually makes this rice to be on a favourite list for today's selection.

Well, you can accord it to the fact that this dish is very flavourful, aromatic and delicious that you would never resist it. First-off, this arroz blanco mexicano is a homemade Mexican kind of rice and it is not just a big deal as you can easily get around making it with ease.
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Arroz blanco Mexicano (Mexican white rice) can be cooked in various ways ranging from cooked with assorted vegetables such as carrots, peas or green beans etc but mostly plain. This arroz blanco Mexicano rice is garnished in chicken broth and chives as they help to tender the intense flavour in the meal. Simply put, this meal is super flavoursome and delicious!

Due to the delicious taste and lovely texture of this dish, arroz blanco mexicano is a perfect way to complete your lunch. But seriously, properly cooked arroz blanco mexicano that are non-sticky should add up to a tantalising taste any time, any day.

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You can use long-grain rice or short grain; easy-to-cook and  effortless! The result is spicy and palatable rice with an aromatic taste as well as non-sticky outcome.

But why wait for a special occasion before you give this dish a try? You may just need a quickie but delicious meal for weekdays lunch or weekend picnic or a pot of arroz blanco mexicano for the entire family. Not a bad option at all ;-)

Arroz Blanco (Mexican White Rice) (2)

There are no doubts that life can sometimes feel so busy that you even find it tough to cook for yourself or even your household but I can assure you that you can always make a difference. Yes, because you can even make life easier for yourself by cooking in large quantity, apportioning the food for different days and storing them in the refrigerator. By so doing, you can easily bring out whatever food you want to heat up at any time, reheat the food and off you go for your daily pursuit.

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