Mexican Brown Rice With Steak

Mexican Brown Rice With Steak

Brown rice
While I was rearranging my kitchen few days ago, I noticed a pack of brown rice lying in my cupboard waiting for me to do justice to it. I looked around again and realized that I have all the necessary cooking ingredients and there you go.......Mexican Brown Rice With Steak dish.
It's so cold here so I decided to make a tantalizing, healthy but yet a mouth-warming dish. I was right..... This dish came out to be one of the best brown rice recipes I have tried in the past and I look forward to making more of it in the future.
Although most people complain that they don't enjoy the taste of brown rice, but I can assure them this recipe is very tasty and appetizing. Brown rice on it's own is a whole grain rice with a nutty flavor, mild brownish color and more healthier than white rice.
Some reasons why you would consider cooking more of brown rice to white rice
1) Studies suggest that brown rice contains low-calorie hence promotes weight Loss.
2) Due to the fiber content of brown rice, there is easy digestion of food and proper bowel functioning.
3) Brown rice is graded as whole grain because it still has it's “wholeness” intact during the refinement process which makes it capable of reducing high cholesterol level and the risk of heart diseases.
4) Brown rice is also a rich source of vitamins such as Iron, calcium, vitamin B6, protein, carbohydrate, magnesium.
The inspiration for this brown rice dish comes from all it's immense health benefits however, with this one, I decided to tweak it with the Mexican style. I love this meal, full of my favorite ingredients.....
I can say for sure that a pot of Mexican Brown Rice  is an ideal spot to throw in some fresh tomatoes, chilli,  mushrooms,  egg, onions and spices. Just top it up with grilled beef steak and fresh parsley leaves for an appetizing meal.
The aromatic flavors are just perfect for each other and the colorful appearance dances right before your eyes, making your taste bud to go waaooozzzaaaa.
Follow the simple steps outlined below and hit your kitchen for your own version.


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