Baked Vegetables With Parmesan Cheese

Baked Vegetables With Parmesan Cheese

I love cheese but preferably parmesan cheese due to it's aromatic flavour. Parmesan cheese originated from Parma Italy with a characteristics light yellowish colour. Cheese is commonly used for seasoning by different cuisines.
It is very hard in nature with a crystalline texture. Using parmesan cheese for topping your dish is always irresistible.
Baked vegetables with parmesan cheese is a very simple recipe to prepare, but most people will find it time consuming to gather and cut all of the required vegetables. The necessary ingredients include aubergine (eggplant), parmesan cheese, sweetcorn, mushroom, onions and bell peppers etc.
Slice the aubergine into roundish shape, cut all the vegetables and layer each of them over one another before popping it in the oven.
Then afterwards, grate the parmesan cheese with a grater and sprinkle over the vegetables before popping into the oven
parmesan gratedd
Believe me friends, just the aroma emitting from the oven while this dish was baking was absolutely amazing. I felt as if I was already in Italy.
I cut the onions very tiny so that it can cook very well and the bell peppers and mushroom gave the dish a very appetising flavour. The aubergine gave the dish a colourful sight to behold.
The point is that you can use whatever vegetable you choose, but always go for the parmesan cheese for a better aroma. Whatever is your option, the dish comes out very delicious!


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