Hi everyone, we are still enjoying every bit of this year's summer.
We decided to prepare a special recipe for lunch, hence the need to throw more light on beef burger.
Presently, burgers are no longer regarded so seriously by Americans rather, United Kingdom and other parts of the world have come out of the hide to enjoy and judge every burger contents ranging from the meat, ketchup, mayonnaise, pickles, cheese and vegetables. For me, an ideal burger should have seared crust by ensuring the grill is very hot and cooking over high heat.
An ideal burger involves toasting the buns and then layering lettuce salad and meat over it. It is recommended to choose the right type of meat for making the burger. There should be an amazing amount of flexibility. The burger can be charred over a planche can, however grill, oven or stovetop can as well be used.
Once the burger meat has been charred, cheddar cheese can then be layered over the iceberg lettuce salad dressed with ketchup, mayonnaise or voila.
Many people have different ways of preparing and topping their burgers. Everyone is welcome to share their styles of making burgers here so we can learn from each other.
burger bread


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