Caesar Salad With Hard Boiled Eggs

Caesar Salad With Hard Boiled Eggs

caesar salad
The simple caesar salad with hard boiled eggs; so essential, easy-to-make, refreshing and yet super delicious. Many variations of this salad exists but the most important fact about this salad is that you can choose any type of fresh crunchy salad vegetables to prepare it. 
Whether crunchy and crispy, hard or soft, garnished or non-garnished, all are super refreshing and delicious in their own way. Although I pretty much enjoy every salad there is, I am so particular about the crunchy and crispy ones. I am super happy that despite my tight schedules over the week, I still found time to share this great recipe with my fans out there. Every salad recipe I try out satisfactorily turns out even more beautiful and colourful than I would envisage.
Thankfully, I got some fresh veggies from the supermarket and made one of the best caesar egg salad yet! They are pretty easy maybe not quite as easy as you'd like, but you can work on the recipe and make yours the most easiest (Winks).
You can make your own version of caesar salad from the comfort zone of your home within minutes, filled with lamb's lettuce, lemon, radicchio, frisee, lemon, baby potatoes and some chunks of hard boiled eggs. With a colourful attractive top, which is covered with some finely chunked hard boiled eggs, they are just spot on. The only ingredient that needs to be cooked are the potatoes and eggs which I can say they don't require much time to get set.

Caesar_Salad_With_Hard_Boiled_Eggs(1)Once the eggs and potatoes are properly cooked, put them in cold water to cool down before peeling and cutting them into pieces as desired.
I actually made this simple caesar salad with hard boiled eggs in large quantity to make sure it serves throughout the day and to say that I can be naughty when it comes to salad is just an understatement. {Honestly, I can finish a big bowl of salad in a twinkling of an eye and still look for more}. It sounds crazy but yet wonderful because of the immense health benefits, minerals and vitamins derived from all the vegetables and eggs included in the salad.
Now that I am just blowing my horn on how much I cherish eating fresh caesar salad, it also serves as a gentle reminder for  you as well to adopt the habit of including more of vegetables (salad) in your diet as it's part of the WHO widely advocated 5-A-DAY program for a healthier YOU!
If you haven't had your salad today, now is the time to do so! Including salad in your meal virtually every day is one of the most healthiest and simplest eating habits you can think of imbibing. Yes, studies emphasise that eating salad is an easy means of consuming vegetables and fruits which are very healthy to our health. When you think of living healthy, think of salad!!!
Caesar Salad With Hard Boiled Eggs
Salads are so easy to come by, whether in the local shop, supermarkets, local farmer market or even your backyard garden. Salads are better eaten fresh and even if you need any dressing, do go for those free from fat or those with reduced calorie. Regardless of this, salads are very refreshing, crunchy and fun way of keeping the body, soul and mind fresh and going...
I can't overemphasize on the importance of eating salads; Salads are an excellent source of fiber which facilitates easy digestion of food thereby preventing constipation as well as lower the cholesterol levels. Eating salad is a sure way of shedding excess weight and maintaining a healthy body weight. Salads are also a good source of vitamin B6, C and E, magnesium, folic acid, calcium and lycopene etc so always go for it.


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