This is just food expertise at its best!  Basically, combination of proteinous eggs, nutritious fresh tomatoes and onions in a clean bowl, fried with vegetable oil or olive oil  for an  amazing flavor you can't resist. In terms of fried eggs, there is no specific recipe for preparation however, there are many ways of perfection.
Fried eggs are so yummy, easy to make and just perfect for breakfast, but they can still be served as a side dish at any time of the day. It is noteworthy that a perfect fried egg dish do not need to be sticky.
You need a good non-sticky saucepan for this recipe. You also need a low heat for the eggs to come out soft, unburnt and non-sticky. You only need 1 tbs. of vegetable oil per egg as excess oil is just not good enough.
Crack the eggs into a clean bowl, slice onions, fresh pepper and tomatoes and whisk together.
Heat up oil on a low heat before pouring the beaten eggs into the oil.
Fry and turn over to other sides until both sides are cooked before scooping out the eggs with spatula.
This is a take of my favorite fried eggs recipe as I admire the simplicity. The colorful fresh tomatoes bring this meal to life.
Whether you have loads of recipe books or gather many ideas of cooking from around the globe, the truth is that you can easily create your own recipe of fried eggs.


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