Griddled Spring Onions, Carrots With Masala Sauce

Griddled Spring Onions, Carrots With Masala Sauce

Griddled Spring Onions, Carrots With Masala Sauce is a very healthy side dish.
I just love scallions popularly called spring onions. I usually use it to enhance my dish flavours or for salads.
When griddled together with lemon, it is just a perfect partner to other veggies like long sweet pepper, bell peppers and onion bulb. It is better to griddle with a ridged griddle pan.
The carrots also add to the crunchy factor, which makes it a perfect combination.
I often make this recipe at least thrice in a week due to the healthy benefits of vegetables.
Honestly, this is a regular in my menu rotation due to its high nutritional content.
It is enjoyable to eat, very tasty but most importantly, very healthy and very versatile.
You can also drizzle few drops of olive oil on the veggies before griddling or you can better still do anything you want with it.
Whatever you feel like, you can make it savoury and tasty.
I have just griddled the veggies just like the Spanish do although I decided to use an Asian Masala sauce for a dip.
Find my masala sauce recipe here.


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