Khoresht Gheimeh Recipe

Khoresht Gheimeh Recipe

Khoresht-e Gheimeh (1)
Khoresht Gheimeh is a Persian and Mesopotamian stew basically prepared with ingredients such as potatoes, split peas, meat, tomatoes, onion and lemon.
However, for this particular Khoresht Gheimeh dish, I decided to tweak the original recipe so instead of using split peas, I used whole peas but the most important thing is that the dish still came out very well. My family loves Khoresht Gheimeh so well and I believe everyone else does.
Khoresht Gheimeh is the type of dish you will enjoy eating for either breakfast, lunch, dinner or at any time of the day. One good thing about the Khoresht Gheimeh is that you can use any type of meat that suits your taste bud for a delightful meal.
The tip of the icebarg with Khoresht Gheimeh is garnishing it with fried potatoes and you can never,,, never,, never,,, go wrong with both the aroma and the taste. I urge you to try out this recipe.


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