The weather is just too hot and I am really inspired by the long sunny summer days, so I always need some cool refreshing and energetic drinks to cool off my nerves.
This is just the best treat you can think of giving yourself!

I was motivated to make this raspberry mint juice yesterday's afternoon because it was damn so hot and I knew the drink would be good and a perfect match for the sunny weather. Yes, I was right cos the drink cooled down all my nerves right from head to toes :D

I can say for sure that I love juicing and being able to share my recipes with not only my family and friends but with the outer world gives me so much satisfaction. Fruit juicing with a fruit-juicer is much easier and healthier than the ones you buy from shops. Yes it's easier cos all you need do is just to wash the fruits, pop them into the fruit-juicer and the rest is as good as done. It can't be any simpler than this and it comes out fresh, without additives, healthier and in a more natural state.


Have some raspberries or any fruit in the refrigerator that are freshly looking or those that aren't looking too cheery? Try popping them into a fruit-juicer to make some refreshing juice. However, if you haven't got any fruit-juicer at home, there's nothing much to worry! Just grab your blender and turn those fruits into a quick smoothie... Well, whichever one is still fantastic after-all you still gain all the vitamins and nutrients from same fruits.

Well, in the absence of both fruit-juicer and blender, just carefully wash those fruits, add them in a clean pot, pour a cup of water and allow to simmer for at least 5 minutes under medium heat. Afterwards, bring down from heat, allow to cool down and then sweeten with natural flavour, honey or maple syrup. Honestly, this raspberry mint juice is one of my favourite drinks such that I keep making it regularly without any doubt.

It's obvious that you will forever need some fruit juice :-P but knowing some few tricks to help produce your own homemade juice for a more healthier option will render more nutrients to your household as well as keep your budget a lil bit controlled.

RASPBERRY JUICE (2)I hope you'll gladly give this raspberry mint juice a try and I have no doubt that you will enjoy it.
XoXo :D


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