Kickstart your Summer with some Nutritious Mesclun Mix!


It will be awesome if you kickstart this year’s summer with some fresh mesclun!

Mesclun! What is it all about? Is it a plant, herb, fruit or seed?

Oh, Yessss I know what mesclun is! Noooo, I haven’t heard of this term before!

C’mon, what is this Blessing?

Please hang in there!

Just at the mention of this term ‘Mesclun’, it could be that you are already acquainted with it and benefiting from all the goodies it offers. On the other hand, it could be that you haven’t heard of this term before. You might have been consuming the contents of mesclun but never had a hang of the term. Well, whichever category you fall into, let’s see what this term is all about.

Right! To straighten out things, mesclun is not a plant, herb, fruit or seed. Mesclun or mɛsˈklœ̃ is a salad combination of mixed young tender salad vegetables. Mesclun comprises of seasonal crops that are best grown in spring through early summer. This traditional mix of vegetables is originally from France but other parts of the world have started adopting this style of vegetables pair.

These multifarious vegetables normally include Swiss chard (silver beet), leafy lettuces, tatsoi, spinach, baby curly endive (chicory), rocket (roquette), chervil, mustard, mizuna (Japanese mustard), dandelion, leaf vegetables, oregano, radicchio, orach, baby salad greens, oak leaf, frisée, rugola (arugula), garden cress, mâche (lamb's lettuce), romaine, kale, bok choy, and sorrel. These vegetables are usually mixed thoroughly to make a yummy bowl of fresh salad.

Pictorial Representation of some Nutritious Mesclun Mix.

radicchio Radicchio

Nutritious Mesclun Mix Blood Sorrel

Nutritious Mesclun Mix Bok Choy

lamb's lettuce lamb's lettuce

mesclun Leafy Lettuce

Mesclun mix Oregano

A few selection of these vegetables can be chosen at a go but if you can lay hands on all the veggies at a time then that is just awesome. These vegetables are preferably consumed fresh for best flavour, vitamins and nutrients. Because these green vegetables are still young, they tend to be very fresh, tender, flavourful and nutritious. Different parts of the world have different ways of mixing green vegetables and consuming them. Well, always stick to what suits your tastebud.

Your nutritious mesclun mix can be consumed on its own, served as a side dish with any main meal or dressed with vinaigrette. It can also be paired with cheeses, sliced pears, boiled potatoes, mandarin wedges, olives and roasted veggies. It is highly suitable for vegetarians, vegans and for everyone as a whole.

When next you shop for mesclun, it is preferable to always go for the crispy, tender and fresh ones that show no sign of wilting or discolouration. Alternatively, you are free to grow your own mesclun for use at your convenience.

To grow your nutritious mesclun mix, buy the seeds from the grocery shop or farmers market then follow the planting instructions as directed. Always place your planting beds in a suitable environment where the growing plants can get enough air, moisture and sunlight. Don't forget to water your vegetables accordingly! This will ensure that your green vegetables grow very well for you to harvest at the appropriate time.

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