The day started out warm and beautiful and a perfect kind of day to relax with a refreshing and healthy plate of salad. Well, lets just say that this beetroot and lettuce salad perfectly fits the bill for a sunny and refreshing afternoon. Because I already have the main meal prepared and ready for demolition :-) this salad sounded like the perfect side dish. Joyfully, I had some fresh packs of lettuce in the fridge as well as some beetroots.

For the beetroots, it took me no time at all to get them all cooked up, sliced and ready to be paired with the lettuce. Honestly, I wanted the salad very simple and natural that was actually why I didn't bother using any artificial dressing or cream to top it up. I can assure you that the salad turned out very well and delicious, just exactly the way I expected it to be.

Beetroot and lettuce salad

You can bet on me that this is the simplest, quickest and easiest way to pair up delicious, refreshing and healthy packs of lettuce, cheddar cheese and beetroots. For quite a few additional flavor, I drizzled the salad with some freshly made lemon juice, which added a bit of taste and flavor. It was just a perfect side dish to pair up with my main meal of which you can also serve together with a glass of beetroot juice.



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