Vegetables Stuffed Sandwich

Vegetables Stuffed Sandwich

vegetables_stuffed_sandwichWe are delighted to feature an easy but yet a delicious recipe; vegetables stuffed sandwich from Anitha who blogs over at gofoodieworld. She shares many enticing and delicious recipes on her blog and I bet you will find her blog interesting once you check it out.  Here is her recipe for this vegetables stuffed sandwich and I hope you enjoy it. This post features an appetizing snack for your breakfast and I bet you will enjoy it as well.
This is a very quick recipe when you have boiled potatoes in hand. If you are looking for kid’s favorite for lunch box here is the one for you! It could be served for breakfast or enjoy it as evening snack. The stuffing can also be your leftover curries, add some onions and tomatoes to make it yummier.


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