Chicken and Vegetables Panini

Chicken and Vegetables Panini

Chicken and Vegetables Panini is a perfect sandwich for everyone. Super delicious, easy to make and also very healthy especially when filled with loads of nutritious vegetables.
The good thing about this recipe is that you don't necessarily need a panini maker to get the sandwich ready as you can use already made panini sold in supermarkets and local shops to make for yourself and your family a super appetizing snack.
chicken_and_vegetable_panini (1)
Using a griddle or cast-iron to press the paninis offers a spectacular sight to the snack. Interestingly, when you think of a gourmet quick sandwich, think of chicken and vegetables Panini.
Prepared with fresh vegetables like tomatoes, cucumber, apollo, baby leaf spinach, endive, lamb's lettuce, lollo rosso and red multileaf, paninis are just an appetizing snack for everyone.
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