Watch this video to learn how to grow parsley!


Do you grow your own food?
If yes, have you ever grown parsley?
Do you know how to grow parsley?
These are a few questions you can answer for yourself about parsley. Meanwhile, Blessing is happy to share with you how you can easily grow parsley from the comfort of your home garden. Bear in mind that growing food organically at home is a highly recommended practice as it limits the risk of exposure to chemical substances from artificial fertilizers. Besides, you probably might want to know what parsley is. Parsley, which is botanically known as Petroselinum crispum is a biennial flowering plant. Parsley belongs to the family of Apiaceae and it is originally from the central and eastern part of the Mediterranean before spreading to Europe and other parts of the World. It is commonly planted as either a vegetable, spice or herb.
Parsley grows as an annual herb in the subtropical and tropical parts of the world and grows as a green biennial plant in the temperate regions. Parsley seeds are ovoid with prominent remnants at the apex and they grow and thrive best in moist, well-drained soil, with enough sunlight. Parsley grows best between 70 to 86 °F (20 to 30 °C) after danger of frost. Parsley forms a rosette of tripinnate leaves with several leaflets and a taproot that serves as food storage during the winter period. How long does parsley take to grow? As seen on the video clip included in this post, the parsley seeds were planted on the 15th May 2020. The grown parsley leaves seen in the video were captured on 30th June 2020. So it took approximately 45days to get to that level. Read more about parsley here.

Steps for growing parsley

  1. Get some parsley seeds.

  2. Till and prepare the land.

  3. Sow seeds over the prepared land.

  4. Cover the seeds with the soil.

  5. Water the planted area and keep moist.

  6. Seedlings emerge in 14-21 days.


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