In acknowledgement of the biblical Jewish holiday celebrated on every 15th day of the month of Tishrei known as Sukkot, Feast of Booths or Feast of Tabernacles, I present this special challah bread to all my Jewish friends. This special bread requires plain flour, Yeast, Salt, Sugar, Eggs, pumpkin seeds and Honey.
I have been longing to make challah bread for sometimes now, but my schedules couldn't seem to get me around it. Thank goodness that this spectacular festival has immensely motivated me to make this loaf. Yesterday, I put my feet on the ground and insisted that it was time to stop procrastinating and just  do it. There are various recipes for challah but the core tip is that once you know how to make bread, you can also come over this one.
I looked at chabad's recipe for challah bread which I decided to settle for. The picture looked lovely and the recipe is quite easy. Nonetheless, I still integrated my baking skills into the challah making which made my loaf turned out attractive, appetising and aromatic. Honestly, the aroma oozing out from the oven attracted my neighbours to come and pay unsolicited visits to me. {}  Infact, my husband said to me "mmmmhhhhh Blessing you have to be making this bread everyday". 
The first step to making a super challah is to get the dough ready. It is optional to use white flour or wholemeal flour. I decided to use wholemeal flour for this loaf.

Once you have prepared your dough as shown in the recipe, the next step is to allow the dough to prove itself for few hours.
I really admire the braided appearance of challah and the secret tip is just to divide the dough into parts, let's say 4 or 6 and then roll out each into strand of about 14 inches long before braiding.
challad-4 challad-5
Take the strands  and grasp them together at one end.
Then begin to braid by placing strand 1 over strand 2, then strand 3 over 4, then 5, 6 and then new strand 2. Repeat the entire process until the braid is completely done before pinching the ends underneath to seal it.
Afterwards, brush the surface of the loaf with honey and place back in the fridge for another 1 hour. Then bring out from the fridge, brush honey again on the surface before sprinkling pumpkin seeds over the loaf. Then place in a pre-heated oven of 150-250 oC and bake until golden brown and done.
Challah bread is absolutely not difficult at all to make, and it  has a festive appearance which is just perfect for this sukkot celebration.


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