Cocada Amarela Recipe

Cocada Amarela Recipe

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Cocada amarela recipe is a popular Angolan dessert mainly prepared with eggs and grated coconut. This recipe is characterised by a unique yellowish colour as a result of the large amount of egg yolks being used during the preparation.
The Cocada amarela recipe is very easy to prepare, healthy and super delicious.  This yellow pudding is just a perfect dessert and you can't just beat the aroma and taste.
Honestly, while I was preparing this pudding, my hubby was forced to say... Blessing, you and your cooking practicals...... which country is this recipe from? Like the normal me, I had to start my usual explanations...
Anyways, that aside... I am happy that this Cocada amarela recipe is not a difficult one and this particular pudding came out very attractive and nice. I also added more feature to this dessert by using some dressing cream to design it. I urge you to try it out and you will love it.


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