Dugun Pilav Recipe

Dugun Pilav Recipe

It's time for more rice with some pitta bread! Yes, I love rice, I love pitta bread and I love lamb ribs....so a combination of these three, makes a perfect meal for me. This Dugun Pilav recipe basically requires meat broth going for it, but when I realized that it can also be tweaked with some pitta bread, then I had to stuck to it.
Where is the meat broth you might ask? Well, it's right inside the rice, a perfect addition made during the preparation of the Dugun Pilav rice. I am ready to eat any food with grilled or roasted lamb ribs, I love the taste and the aroma can't hide from me anywhere, anytime I am within the vicinity it is being cooked.
It is one of my favorite meat and eating it with this Dugun Pilav rice is just amazing! I have to admit, although I have eaten this Dugun Pilav rice for lunch, I still ended up pinching some part of it during dinner. They are incredibly delicious and aromatic. With the pitta bread by the side of the Dugun Pilav rice, they truly were superb! I can go over and over in expressing my love for Dugun Pilav rice but let me just hang it there......
Some people might be wondering what Dugun Pilav is.... Well, Pilav also referred to as plov, pollo, pilaf, pilau or pulao is a Turkish dish in which rice is mainly cooked in a properly seasoned broth. Most times, the characteristic brown colour of the rice is as a result of it being stirred with either dark soy sauce, spices or brown sauted onions.It is usually garnished with vegetables, meat or fruits.
Apart from Turkey, the Dugun Pilav recipe is also popular in places like Middle Eastern,  Caucasian, Swahili, Asian, Jewish, Caribbean cuisines,  Iranian, African, Balkan and Latin American, however each cuisine has different methods of preparations.
Our detailed recipe below is very easy and I bet you can make your own version of dugun pilav rice following the steps. Don't forget to leave behind your valuable comments on the post if you have further question or if you want to compliment the recipe.


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