Flatbread Wrap

Flatbread Wrap

flatbread.,Flatbread wrap is very close to the top of  my family's favourite snacks. Personally, I can eat one everyday without feeling bored due to the assorted nutritional vegetables filled in it.
Permit me to say that the health benefits of these vegetables are invaluable and endless. There are several kinds of tortillas, meats, fish, cheeses, vegetables, sauces, creams and toppings so you are never limited to eat the same flatbread wrap always! This is what I term va--ri---et----ies........
I love flatbread wrap filled with freshly purchased vegetables as the base with freshly roasted beef, chicken or turkey chunks as the topping, but sometimes all I long for is a soft flatbread wrap to roll up my assorted fillings within. I love my wrap filled with fresh vegetables, but as much as I love vegetables, not just any vegetable will do. I am very selective on the kind of vegetables I use.
flatbread veggies
Previously, I have used several flatbreads for this recipe which is okay but I occasionally make my own homemade ones during my free times. Before I go on and on over my likeness for bread wraps, a brief description of it will be reasonable.
A wrap is a specially made soft flatbread wrapped around assorted vegetables, meat or sauces. The commonly used flatbreads include pita, tortillas and lavash, or pita
The good news about this recipe is its easiness and flexibility.  You can use leftover meats, already made wraps from your local shop with any fillings of choice .
I really love this flatbread because it is very soft and appetising and I am ready to eat it with the fillings as many times as possible....
It is yu---mm--ii--lll----ii---cc--ii--oo--uu--ss--ll--yy  yummy.


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