Kofte Kebab Recipe

Kofte Kebab Recipe


The last month of the year has officially arrived and the year gradually disappearing. It is that time of the year when everyone reflects back on his/her achievements through the year.

For some people, it’s been a very prosperous year while some are still counting their losses. Regardless of whichever category you find yourself, my advice to you right now is to keep calm! Is not over yet until it is over!

It is not the end of the world, once there is life, there is still hope. It’s not as though the year has been so rosy for me…. not at all.

This year my family lost a very rare gem (My grandfather…May his kindhearted soul rest in peace) He was a great man and his inspirations remain the brain behind this blog and I pray God to grant him eternal rest in His bosom.

That aside, I am still grateful to God for the good times and I know for sure that you have loads of good times to account for.

While you are still counting your goodies, why not relax yourself with some bites of kofte kebab. It was such a fun to visit the farmer’s market and select some vegetables and few other ingredients for my kofte kebab recipe.

I also stopped by the meat market to pick up just a few packs of freshly prepared minced lamb and within few minutes of preparations, dinner is served!

The recipe is quite easy, all you need is to mix the required ingredients thoroughly in a mixing bowl.


Roll into balls, thread through the skewers and pop into the oven or grill!
BAM! Your kofte kebab is ready to be served.


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  • The kebabs look very yummy. I love eating kebabs when I was in Australia.

    • Many thanks Dominique Goh for enjoying this recipe.

      Now that you are no longer in Australia, you can still make your own version of homemade kebab with this easy steps.

      I believe distance shouldn’t be a barrier to our choice of food! (Just loud thinking).

      Stay well.

  • I am a resident of UAE where kebab is a famous dish. I’m not actually a big fan of it but I can try this recipe and who knows, I might end up loving it. Thanks for sharing!

    • Oh, great to hear from you Ma Rozelle Vendil.

      I suppose your reason for not being a fan of kebab is due to the preparation method.

      I can assure you that you will love your own homemade version with the simple steps above and I see you loving kebabs once again.

      I do appreciate your lovely comment and visit to my blog.

      Stay blessed.

  • kat

    It looks yummy. I have never tried lamb. I think I have tried beef kebab.

    • Many thanks Kat.

      That’s the essence of this blog! To encourage people to be creative with food. Although you haven’t

      tried lamb, there is no much difference. The steps are still the same and I encourage you to try out

      your own version and you’ll love it.

      Best regards.

  • As Rozelle said, kebabs are common here in the UAE which is probably why I never thought to try making them myself. I’m content on buying them when we eat out.
    But because this recipe makes it look so simple, I’m tempted to try cooking it.

    • Many thanks Pam G for stopping by.

      Absolutely, that’s the essence of this platform; to make cooking very easy and simple!

      Many people shy away from cooking some dishes themselves because they assume that the cooking procedures are very difficult, but that is totally far from it.

      I urge you to try out this recipe yourself and you’ll love it.

      Best regards.

  • Oooh, this looks soo good! I would try your recipe

    • Thanks Marie for the compliment. Please do try it out and I bet you will enjoy it.