Full of great aroma, lightly flavoured with right enough ingredients to keep it super delicious, this mujaddara recipe is just a super winner one.. The mujaddara recipe (lentil & rice) is among the best lentil recipes you can think of. It reminds me of one of those recipes of beans and rice you can prepare at home, but this is so much faster and cheaper. You really cannot go wrong with this recipe and I mean it when I say so, hence I highly recommend that you give it a try anytime soonish..... Back to basics.... Mujaddara recipe (lentil & rice)_ (2)

Mujadara, also known as   megadarr, majadra, Megadarra,  mudardara, mejadra or Mujadarah, is a delicious Middle East favorite food that is very cheap and super easy to prepare. Since I already have all the necessary ingredients such as onions, olive oil, lentils, rice, star anise, knorr cube, salt, pepper etc, I felt it was high time I prepared this dish.

Mujaddara recipe (lentil & rice)_sliced_onionsIt is just a combination of tenderly cooked lentils and white, garnished with caramelized or sautéed onions and spices sauce. It makes a perfect meal for the entire family, friends and well-wishers, in-fact a super winner dish for vegetarians due to the nutritive content of lentils. Although some people thinks that sautéing the onions can be time-consuming but I recommend that you do so alongside cooking the lentils and rice. riceBy this I mean that you can spread out the different food over your cooker burners so that they all can get ready approximately the same time.  The dish is just super easy and fairly fast to put together as they turned out very good and a perfect lunch.



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