Szalot salad

Szalot salad

szalot salad
Freshly made Szalot salad is just a perfect way of starting or ending the day! It's usually rare to go wrong when a Szalot salad is just beside your main meal.
When you think of salad, think of Szałot salad as it is so healthy with a straightforward recipe. The addition of some diced cooked potatoes with assorted vegetables is just spot-on for me.
Drizzle with few drops of olive oil and you've just made for yourself a perfect Szalot salad. Szalot is a polish word and Szalot salad is mainly prepared with vegetables such as green pepper, lettuce, red cabbage, cucumber, fresh tomatoes, potatoes, lemons and olive oil etc.
Sometimes, fish such as tuna can be used for preparing the Szalot salad but this is just optional. All the vegetables used for preparing this salad, makes it a protein-rich one with a super appetising taste.


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