I had the urge to juice something really fast last week. Luckily, I had some apples, blood oranges and nadorcotts lying around in my kitchen. Funny enough, I had wanted to just peel and eat these fruits straight up but a still small voice urged me to experiment with them and see what I can yield out of them.
Yes, you heard me right! I immediately came up with the idea to prepare these three types of fruits, juice them up and see how they turn out to be. Deep down in my mind, I knew that I can never go wrong with this unique recipe and I was right. This is one thing I love about juicing - the ability to pair up whatever fruit one likes or has at hand for an amazing outcome.
The juicing process turned out to be fantastically simple while the juice itself turned out exactly as I had envisaged. The nadorcott flavour really penetrated through and the sweetness from this fruit added a unique “taste” that my tastebud really enjoyed. With the combination of these three fruits, the outcome couldn’t be more refreshing, tastier, sweeter and comforting. I seriously recommend you give the recipe a shot. Interestingly, the fruits are highly nutritive, affordable - so it's a WIN-WIN for you.

Watch this short clip on how to juice apples, blood oranges and nadorcotts!!!

But What Do You Know About The Fruits Used?
Apple: This is a common edible fruit from an apple tree, which is botanically referred to as Malus domestica. Apple is an excellent source of vitamins, nutrients, antioxidants and dietary fibre. Because of the rich constituent of nutrients in this amazing fruit, its regular intake is highly recommended for the prevention of ailments while promoting healthy living conditions. Just so you know, here are the 15 reasons why eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away.
Tellingly, apples are notable for their various colours, flavours, sizes and shapes - so you have that wide range of varieties to choose from.
Blood Oranges: This specie of orange (Citrus × sinensis) is a hybrid of tangerine and pomelo as well as a natural mutation of the orange fruit. It is distinguished by its crimson, dark blood-coloured flesh (indicative of the name derivative). The red coloured dark flesh is as a result of its high constituent of anthocyanins, which is a family of polyphenol pigments that is uncommon in citrus fruits. Here is What You Need To Know About The Blood Orange Or Red Orange.
Nadorcott: is a clementine-type of mandarin, which is also referred to as Afourer or Tangold/Tango. It is distinguished by its mass depth of sweetness and flavour as well as a good balance of acidity. It is easy to peel - thank goodness for its smooth skin. Nadorcott can either be seedless or with seeds depending on the specie. Its dark-blood juicy flesh is tasty, flavourful with a good balance of acidity. This article might interest you on why you need the clementine.
Enough of the preachings on the key ingredients for this recipe. Let's head over to the "how" section of the juicing process. Like I previously stated, this recipe is pretty easy yet the result is super-rich and amazing - Highly recommended!


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