Baked Whole Chicken

Baked Whole Chicken

Baked_whole_chicken (1)Chicken is one of my favourite meats... whatever recipe, it doesn't really matter. Baked whole chicken is just a no-no-no-no brainer for me. Baking chicken is one of the best methods of preparing it ever.
Choosing a chicken recipe is entirely up to you after all, there are a thousand-plus-one chicken recipes out there to choose from and they all interestingly come out very appetising, delicious and yummiliicciioouuss....
Well, right now, we are opting for the baked whole chicken recipe and I suppose you will sit put and enjoy the recipe as its being unravelled... Believe you me, there is absolutely nothing better than a deliciously and thoroughly cooked baked chicken; both the aroma, taste and appearance will drag you running back to the kitchen to pinch some more...
The secret of getting this dish right is; seasoning the chicken internally and externally with mixed spices, salt, herbs, pepper and any ingredients of choice. Again, you need to sprinkle the lemon juice generously over the chicken then allow it to marinate for at least 1 hour.......
Afterwards, your chicken is ready to go into the oven for baking and within some minutes, you have for yourself a palatable side dish to either eat-alone or combine with your main dish. Believe me, nothing completes any main course dish like a baked chicken and you can never go wrong with the taste.....Absolutely spot on!
baked_whole_chickenThis chicken completes any dish; be it breakfast, lunch or dinner. I prefer baked chicken to roasted ones because of the sort of crispy nature and unique taste...... A taste you will definitely not want to miss out on. The ingredients give the chicken some sweet sensational taste and properly blend well for any occasion.
This baked whole chicken turned out super delicious, crispy, enticing and gooey. Don't miss it out, just pop into your kitchen right away and make for yourself  a delicious side dish.


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