The weather is just so piping hot here in the UK and we are at that time of the year when all I want to do is to be out and about visiting friends and families. Thank goodness to the beautiful sunny summer weather. Although I enjoy the sunny weather, yet I hate it when the temperature is overly hot - i.e boiling hot. For the past two weeks, the weather here has been hitting above 30°C thereby making it so uncomfortable to relax indoors if you don't have an air condition or a proper fan.
Before you carry on with the gist, here is a short clip of Paella rice recipe!!!

Well, part of my family's schedule yesterday was to visit our Spanish friends. It is always a good thing meeting-up together with people from various parts of the world. I believe in multiculturalism and I see it as an ideal way of life. One should be able to easily relate and adapt to other people's way of life such as food, behaviour, culture etc.
While meeting up with our friends, I was glad to hear that paella rice was the main dish on the menu. Yes, I was glad because I saw that as an opportunity to learn a new recipe, eat other people's food and relate with other people.
So, here is a no-brainer paella rice recipe for you to try out at any time of convenience. Packed with the right ingredients to yield an awesome output. Simply delicious!
Need I emphasize more on this recipe? Well, give the recipe a try and you will be glad you did.
N:B This was cooked for a get-together-gathering so there isn't any actual measurement of the ingredients to give you right now. However, you can add the ingredients in proportionate to the quantity of rice you intend to cook.


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