I love Plantains! Yes, I do!
I can eat it at any time of the day either raw, fried, roasted or boiled. Either ways work perfectly for me.
I am equally happy to eat my Plantains solo or paired with other main meals as a side dish.

And those people that don’t like eating this yummy dish, I can’t really come to terms on how they cope.
Now let these colourful goodies brighten up your tummy.

So, here is a no-brainer dish to try out at your convenience. Naturally endowed with natural sweetness to lighten up your tummy. They're super delicious and so enticing! Interestingly, the recipe is pretty straightforward. And need I say more? Well, you do the honours for me by the time you give this recipe a shot.

Just slice up the plantains, salt them and deep fry them in hot vegetable oil until golden brown in appearance.

Now enjoy!


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