I may have posted a similar tilapia fish recipe few days ago,  but permit me to re-emphasize that I love fish and I am a big fish fan as you could possibly tell from the last one I just made for my family. Since fish is something that can be eaten at anytime of the year, so I try to fit it in as many different recipes as I can.

Since I am a huge fish fan, I couldn’t resist a grilled tilapia fish dish of course. I decided to garnish it with some fried plantains and few vegetables, one of my admirable combinations. Apart from the above mentioned, I spiced-up the tilapia fish with some mixed spices, blended bell peppers and tomatoes,,,, these blend of ingredients are loaded with the perfect bunch of flavor which is enjoyable all year long.



fresh_tomatoesThe blend of ingredients, coupled with the plantains and salad made this grilled tilapia very enticing and fanciful. Tip for this grilled tilapia fish recipe……. just the right blend of spices which is customizable to your taste bud makes a perfect dish for you.

bell_peppersI don’t know about you, but permit me to say that I love plantain so much! Apart from the numerous nutritive contents, I enjoy the sweet and fantastic taste this fruit renders. It can be eaten fresh or fried but preferably fried for me.
plantainsFrying your plantain takes no time and requires no special skills, just peel the plantain skin and slice the plantains up into desired sizes and shapes before frying. Even if you don’t have any plantain or salads for garnishing, how about enjoying your delicious tilapia fish without these adds?


Some people prefer their fried plantains lightly coloured but as you can see from the picture below, I prefer mine golden colour in appearance. Frying it properly, draws out all the taste and aroma you can think of and it is noteworthy that fried plantains can be used as side dish for any main meal you can think of…..NAME IT!

plantains(2)Believe you me, whichever way you envisage to enjoy your fish, just go for it and I can bet your decision won’t be wrong. Whichever method you choose and whatever ingredients you like and have available, go for it……That’s a unique feature I admire so much about tilapia fish, they are super easy to prepare! Above all, tilapia fish is very healthy and tasteful in nature. So go ahead and enjoy yourself.


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  • Many thanks for sharing, Ranelli

  • Can I post this up at my food blog? I run this blog: . Please let me know. Proper credits will be given :). Thanks!

  • Can I post this up at my food blog? I run this blog: . Please let me know. Proper credits will be given to your blog. Thank you!

    • Glad to hear from you Ron. Yes, you can publish this recipe on your blog and I do believe your words that you will give proper credits just as you rightly mentioned.

      Best regards.

  • I love fish, too – and this dish sounds amazing. I love the plantains alongside. This, alongside a cold beer, on a beach…aaaahhhh, heavenly.

    • Absolutely amazing Heather. Thanks for your comment and to think of complimenting the dish with a bottle of cold beer will definitely be awesome for some people.

      So enjoy then.

  • Tilapia is one of my favorite fish to prepare! You can cook it so many different ways. I love this version!

    • Yes Des, Tilapia can be cooked in several ways.

      It’s a pleasure to know that you appreciate this version, so try it out and I bet you will enjoy it.

  • Walter Schofill

    The information provided in this article is extensive. Thanks for your time in posting this.

  • Foz

    Hi Okpala I have been looking for how to cook Tilapia fish for very long time and i know how now thank you for doing this
    when i was in university my best friend seth is from Ghana and his sister cook this amazing Tilapia and i crazy in love with the test of the fish , so i start searching and i found your site how many cariole do think the fish by it self without other the side dish so i wouldn’t eat 6 of them the same time lol
    thank you for your blog

    • Hi Foz,
      I am so overwhelmed to learn that you find my recipe quite satisfying and I hope you enjoyed it.

      Btw, many thanks for taking your time to visit my blog and I hope to see you often.

      The nutrition label for tilapia suggests that the fish has 96 calories, here is a link to the caloric value which is only indicative as some nutrients can be lost while preparing the fish.

      I honestly hope you don’t eat 6 of them at same time 😀


  • Yori Yori

    What exactly are the mixed spices? I’ve heard of allspice, but even that comes from different places and has a different taste on food. Can you please instruct me on the spices you used, Please? Thank you!

    • The mixed spices are a combination of some ingredients I blended together and stored in the fridge. (black peppercorn, ginger, onions, dried chives, paprika, red pepper and olive oil).

      • Yori Yori

        Thank you for the speedy reply.. I’m going to see if I can make this happen..

        • You are welcome. Give it a try and no doubt you will enjoy it.