Kelewele recipe

Kelewele recipe

When you think of a quick and appetizing plantain recipe to prepare for yourself, family or friends, think of Kelewele recipe. Kelewele is a very popular Ghanaian side-dish prepared basically with ripe plantains which are properly seasoned with ingredients and spices before frying until golden brown in color.
Kelewele can be fried in different ways..... While some people prefer frying theirs soft and golden brown, others prefer a crispy and lightly colored version. But most importantly is that this special plantain dish usually comes out very delicious and attractive.
Although the name Kelewele is accustomed to the Ghanaian people, plantain is however eaten by people from different parts of the world. Diverse cuisines have different recipes for plantain and each cuisine comes with its own taste. It can be eaten alone or optionally served with cooked beans, moi-moi, jollof rice, rice and stew etc. Some people enjoy kelewele with pap (akamu) especially for breakfast however, this dish is not only restricted for breakfasts only. Anyone is free to serve and enjoy kelewele at any time of the day.
Kelewele is prepared by firstly peeling the plantain's skins and then cutting them into little bits or chunks. It is ideal to spice up the plantains with pepper, salt and any spices of choice before frying. It is noteworthy that the frying oil ought to be hot before adding the plantains so that they don't get too soften as well as suck-up too much oil.
Once the plantains are fried, it is advisable to scoop them out of oil into a sieve or kitchen rolls to drain excess oil. Serve warm garnished with salads, or as side dish with other main meals.


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